1. Self Described Style: Mix of work wear & vintage
    Favorite Store in Boston: Urban Outfitters
    Occupation: Animator | Graphic Designer
    Spotted at: Huntington Ave.

    We are noticing a lot of capes this Fall and we are happy to see them! I love how she has added so much visual interest to an outfit with a neutral palette. The combination of the pattern in the cape with the pattern of the pants is unexpected as are those adorable argyle socks! I also love how she has belted the cape. Capes can sometimes overpower your figure but she has added this delicate brown belt to create some added shape.

    This is a great example of outerwear feeling like a complete outfit. We are of course curious to know what she has on under the cape but she has done so much to make the cape feel like part of her outfit and not just a jacket that she threw on as she ran out the door. Well done!