1. We were so excited to be invited to shoot IDENTITES,  the annual Harvard Fashion show. We love shooting street style but it’s always nice to have a change of pace especially when it includes a fresh and interesting fashion show by the students of Harvard.
    Here is direct quote from the show’s program “IDENTITIES inspires people to see fashion as more than just frivolous trends, and rather as a vehicle for personal expression and social commentary.”
    This struck such a chord with us because that is one of our missions with the blog. We want to celebrate each person’s sense of individuality and personal style rather than what is currently trending in the latest issue of Vogue.

    As we were watching we kept thinking to ourselves “If we saw that outfit on the street, would we want to take their picture?” Overwhelmingly the answer was yes. Here are some of the highlights. And if you missed out this time, there is always next year :)

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